The RBW System

A TRUE 50:50 classic electric sports car… We wanted to control how the power was delivered, vehicle weight distribution for a sporting drive; whilst also factoring in the age of vehicles we were to produce or convert. Add a compelling safety case and the fact all this was three years ago when many people simply […]

Reg Approves

RBW – Reg approves… Getting REG’S approval… To meet our own standards and having committed to “the system” with CES, we decided to set out to secure REG 100 as proof of design compliance “REG 100 = Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to specific requirements for the electric power train”. To […]

Powered by…

RBW – Powered by… We struck lucky… having written to a number of companies, I had a call from world leading electricification producers Zytek Automotive, by complete fluke only five miles from RBW HQ and one of the world’s foremost electric car engineering companies, right on my doorstep. What qualifies me to say “world leading?” […]

RBW. In the beginning…

RBW – In the beginning… Three years from concept, RBW were set to launch summer 2020 – so why three years to convert an MG? From the outset, we wanted to create an “electric” system that could be sympathetically applied to different classic cars without degradation to the car and with a clear focus on […]

Zero Emissions Roadster

Green number plates are set to be rolled out from autumn, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed on the 16th June 2020, under plans to drive a green economic recovery. As part of the government’s plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, drivers will be encouraged to make the switch to electric vehicles through the […]

RBW attend MIRA Proving Ground

[one_second] A good June (under the circumstances) RBW testing at MIRA Proving Ground. Controlled by Continental Engineering Services (CES) the RBW Roadster was put through its paces completing tests for suspension, re-generative braking patterns, skid, hill, max speed, cruise, range vs speed. All in all two valuable weeks at MIRA proving ground. The Roadster performed […]

3…2…1… We’re LIVE

[one_second] BREAKING NEWS: The brand new RBW website has arrived!!! The design team has been working hard over this awful lockdown period and we finally have something positive to shout about in the RBW offices. The new website has been developed to showcase our product even better and shows our strengths within the Electric Vehicle […]

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