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Electric Drives’ Best electric converters

Best electric converters to turn your favourite classic motor into a clean zero-emissions modern car The RBW electric roadster continues to gain momentum in the marketplace – for both classic cars and modern electric vehicles. Today, RBW was included in

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Electric MG: classic MGB given EV conversion | RBE Classic Electric Cars

Electric MG: classic MGB given EV conversion

The future of classic motoring could be electric thanks to conversions like RBW’s MGB EV News about electrified classic cars has gone from a trickle to a flood recently as brands with strong heritage, such as Aston Martin and VW,

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The evolution of RBW Electric Classic Roadster

RBW Reveals the EV Roadster

RBW reveal the pre-production model of their stylish electric classic roadster. The RBW EV Roadster was inspired by the 1960s MGB Roadster. They have taken the classic, elegant design while delivering enhancements to meet the modern world. British Motor Heritage created a

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Classic British Roadster Hides An Electric Secret | RBW Classic Cars

The RBW EV Roadster is a £90k plug-in MGB

Classic body, current power: meet the MG that plugs in       You’re looking at a ninety grand MGB. But before you despair about classic car auction prices spiralling into the stratosphere, this is a brand new MGB. And

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