Electric Car Company RBW Open New Multi-Million Pound Lichfield Factory

Electric vehicle and systems manufacturer RBW, officially opens its new UK factory today, following multi-million-pound investment from California. Since its foundation, seven-years-ago, RBW continues to pioneer […]

A message from Peter Swain, CEO of RBW EV Cars

An update from Peter Swain, CEO of RBW EV Cars. Since 2017, RBW EV Cars has created a modular system to support our new electric sports […]

Choosing the right tyres for your electric vehicle

Choosing the right tyres for your electric vehicle isn’t as cut and dry as you may think and can impact the performance of your EV. RBW […]

What to do with old EV batteries

There’s plenty of concern out there about what happens to EV batteries that have reached the end of their useful lives, and with tens of millions […]

RBW heads to Late Brake Show Tour

RBW is joining Jonny Smith for The Late Brake Show Tour on Saturday 11th September in Leicestershire. Highlighting that Touring isn’t just a BMW wagon, motoring […]

Maximising your EV Range

We’ve talked about how the growing charging network makes running an EV easier than ever, and also how you can charge at home, but when you’re […]

Charging your electric vehicle at home

We’ve previously looked at how the charging infrastructure is growing faster than ever before, but it seems that the majority of electric vehicle owners still rely […]

UK’s specialist vehicle sector most varied in the world

The UK’s low volume and specialist vehicle manufacturing sector is the most diverse anywhere in the world, producing a wide variety of products, according to a […]

Charging your EV will get even easier

Range anxiety is something all electric car owners have had to deal with but charging your EV will get easier in the future. When the first […]

The future of motoring looks electric

As manufacturers launch their latest cars into the market place, we look at the increase in the offering of electric vehicles in the future. It seems […]

Surge in desire for battery electric vehicles

At least 200,000 new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will be registered in the UK in 2021, according to new figures released from DriveElectric. Based on the […]

RBW’s guide to electric vehicle jargon

If you already own an electric vehicle then you’ll probably be familiar with most of the terminology here. But if you’ve yet to make the swap […]

The ten best electric cars to buy in 2021

The announcement cars powered purely by internal combustion engines will no longer be sold after 2030   Will have focused the attention and got many of […]

Jonny Smith’s Late Brake Show reviews the RBW electric roadster

Jonny Smith’s Late Brake Show reviews the RBW electric roadster When we were getting ready to reveal the pre-production RBW electric classic roadster to the world’s […]

The History of Electric Cars

Where did it all start for Electric cars? Electric cars are a hot topic right now since the Government announced that the sale of cars powered […]

A tribute to MGB creator Don Hayter

Tribute to Don Hayter   RBW was saddened to learn that just two days after revealing the RBW EV Roadster to the media, the man who […]

RBW reveals Pre-Production Electric Classic Roadster

Classic motoring manufacturer RBW Electric Classic Cars has revealed the pre-production model of its stylish electric classic roadster. Inspired by the MGB Roadster of the 1960s, […]

The RBW System

A TRUE 50:50 classic electric sports car… We wanted to control how the power was delivered, vehicle weight distribution for a sporting drive; whilst also factoring […]

Reg Approves

RBW – Reg approves… Getting REG’S approval… To meet our own standards and having committed to “the system” with CES, we decided to set out to […]

Powered by…

RBW – Powered by… We struck lucky… having written to a number of companies, I had a call from world leading electricification producers Zytek Automotive, by […]