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For our RBW Roadster the build time is 14 weeks from the start of build (dependant on demand).
Currently the RBW GT lead time is 11 months.

For the RBW Roadster, the Electric Motor and associated parts have a 3-year warranty with the bodyshell itself having a 5-year warranty. The batteries have a 2000 cycle warranty.

The RBW Roadster is a low maintenance vehicle. The electric motor never needs to be serviced so only the brakes and tyres need to be maintained. This can be done at your preferred garage.

The RBW Roadster charges from 0% – 100% in a total eight hours. This charge can be done on either a three-pin plug, Type 2 Home Charge or Type 2 Public Charger. The vehicle is limited to accept it’s set Kwh so whether you are charging on a 50Kwh or 150 Kwh, the charging time is the same.

A full vehicle charge takes eight hours.

No, this vehicle is not a conversion. The vehicle is built brand new using a body shell from British Motor Heritage. The body shell is made using the original tooling from the 60’s and the rights to the shape are owned by British Motor Heritage. From there, the vehicle is modified, including de-seaming. A modular system is used underneath the body shell, with the electric motor sitting between the rear wheels. Yes, the vehicle meets safety standards and is Regulation No 100 approved.

Yes, the RBW Roadster is Regulation No 100 approved. (It meets modern day safety standards for brand new vehicle manufacturing)

Of course! Specials are available on request. RBW have in house paint & trim specialists who can build a vehicle to your exact specifications.

The battery gets returned to the supplier for recycling & as RBW use a modular system, new batteries can be placed back into the vehicle.

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