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June 27, 2024

June 28, 2024
June 29, 2024
June 30, 2024

RBW Electric Cars Previous Events

Late Brake Show Tour

RBW heads to Late Brake Show Tour

RBW is joining Jonny Smith for The Late Brake Show Tour on Saturday 11th September in Leicestershire. Highlighting that Touring isn’t just a BMW wagon, motoring enthusiast, journalist, TV presenter and walking car-encyclopaedia Jonny Smith, is taking ‘The Late Brake

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The evolution of RBW Electric Classic Roadster

RBW Reveals the EV Roadster

RBW reveal the pre-production model of their stylish electric classic roadster. The RBW EV Roadster was inspired by the 1960s MGB Roadster. They have taken the classic, elegant design while delivering enhancements to meet the modern world. British Motor Heritage created a

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RBW attend MIRA Proving Ground

[one_second] A good June (under the circumstances) RBW testing at MIRA Proving Ground. Controlled by Continental Engineering Services (CES) the RBW Roadster was put through its paces completing tests for suspension, re-generative braking patterns, skid, hill, max speed, cruise, range

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Happy World Earth Day from RBW

  Happy “World Earth Day” from RBW A good day to explain the RBW Classic Electric Car System. Not just an MG, RBW has developed an ‘EV Classic Vehicle System’. The system is ‘powered by Continental’. RBW has worked very closely

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RBW returns to Cenex LCV at Millbrook Testing Ground

  A year on from the initial prototype being exhibited, RBW Electric Classic Cars returned to Cenex LCV 2019, showcasing the car’s engineering development. Continental Engineering Services is the principle engineer of RBW Electric Classic Cars and exhibited the car

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