Yes Electric cars are much faster than their combustion counterparts. This is because electric cars can produce high torque from the off, whereas combustion engines reach that torque after gaining speed.

It gives electric cars the edge in launch speed and helps reach 0 to 60 in shorter times.

The advantage of driving a Electric Car in a city where most people live the power stations are well away from the population and it help cities to reduce air pollution dramatically for city dwellers because electric cars do not rely on combustion, there is almost zero emission.

No they only required brakes,  tyres and the maintenance is minimal as there is 90% less moving parts in a electric engine than a combustion engine and the cost of maintenance is much lower – forget about changing oil.

There are currently over 19,000 charging points compared with just under 8500 petrol stations.

One every nine minutes – 60,000 electric cars registered in 2018 marking 7th consecutive year of growth

If your combustion engine car averages 50 mpg, and  a gallon of fuel is about 5L and a litre is about £1.25 on average, to do 50 miles will cost you at least £6. For an electric car to charge up to add 50 miles of range, costs only £1.

93% of EV owners charge their vehicles at home using a dedicated home installed charging point with a £500 Government grant and a 3.5kw charger  can be installed from as little as £300.

The average daily car journey in the UK is less than 30 miles per day and most EV Cars have a range well over 100 miles.

The latest EV cars have a ranges of circa 200 miles + and using a fast charging charger can have a 80% charge within 20 to 30 minutes with 96% of UK motorway services have fast charging stations.

No during the charging process, the cable is locked on both the vehicle and the socket. Nobody can pull the cable out of the socket or from the car.

Electric vehicles go through the same tests before they are passed on to buyers, and as such they as are as watertight and safe as petrol and diesel cars. This also means electric cars can be driven safely in heavy rain or use a car wash.

They have instant torque and the electric power is a perfect combination for electric sports cars that allows for effortless performance and enjoyment.