Choosing the right tyres for your electric vehicle

tyres for your electric vehicle

Choosing the right tyres for your electric vehicle isn’t as cut and dry as you may think and can impact the performance of your EV. RBW explains…

Tyres are all too often viewed as a ‘distress’ purchase, bought only when absolutely necessary and more with cost in mind than ability. That’s never a wise approach when they are so vital to safety, so we’d always recommend buying the very best tyres you can afford.

That’s true for any car, but when it comes to tyres for your electric vehicle there are plenty more things to consider when it comes to replacing your car’s rubber, so making the right choice becomes even more important. So what makes them different compared to a car powered by an internal combustion engine?

For one thing, there is weight to consider. Thanks to the battery pack an EV is often notably heavier, so while tyres need to be stronger to cope with the additional loads place on them that can’t come at the expense of a comfortable ride. And there is also the important matter of range. With drivers wanting to getting maximum miles from every charge an EV’s tyres need to minimise rolling resistance but without compromising on grip, especially in poor weather conditions.

tyres for your electric vehicle

Naturally, an owner will also want their tyres to last many miles so tyre makers have to consider durability as well, so that’s another challenge. And as an EV owner you’ll have noticed the instant torque that’s produced by the motor, providing impressive acceleration from a stand-still. While it is fun to experience, it does mean that the tyres need to be constructed using stronger compounds that will be able to handle the power going through them.

And then there is noise, or rather the lack of it. The almost silent running is one of the major benefits of driving an electric vehicle but being so much quieter than a car with a conventional engine means any noise made by the tyres will be even more noticeable. It’s just one more thing that manufacturers have to consider, and getting it wrong will spoil the superb refinement.

Having decided to buy an electric vehicle you’ll want to enjoy all of its abilities, and choosing the correct rubber means you’ll be able to do just that. The good news is that most major tyre makers have developed products specifically for EVs, and picking the right one needn’t be daunting as your local specialist or dealer can provide advice.

We want you to enjoy every mile in your electric vehicle, whatever the weather, so when the time comes to buy new tyres just make sure you remember how important it is to choose the correct ones.

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