A message from Peter Swain, CEO of RBW EV Cars


An update from Peter Swain, CEO of RBW EV Cars.

Since 2017, RBW EV Cars has created a modular system to support our new electric sports cars. We gained regulation UCE100 and share common safety gateways with much larger EV manufacturers. Working with Continental Engineering Services, we arrived at a full CAN (Controller Area Network) and modern Adams suspension/brake validation. Battery conformity (Hyperdrive) crash sensors and weeks at MIRA simulating high risk conditions and vehicle performance (not to mention the over 1800 documents signed off!). Three vehicles were created for research and development usage leading to production starting in 2021.

Even though we have worldwide manufacturer status, we haven’t marketed ourselves aggressively. Everything has gone into engineering. However, we’ve secured sales in the UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, North America and even Bermuda.

The evolution of RBW Electric Classic Roadster

RBW EV Cars has arrived at a safe system design yet engaging rear wheel drive. The RBW system is patented, but it is not exclusive to RBW new cars. Based on the years of learning and architecture the system also supports vehicle conversions for many Classic or even high-end modern vehicles. I personally prefer the word ‘up-cycle’ to conversion so the RBW up-cycle Division will launch in 2022.

I do not know how you can convert vehicles with no safety strategy, weight walk and test procedure in place (or to put it another way, you can test the car Mr Client when you get it back, let us know how it goes?) Very dangerous. For the conversion market to be taken seriously I believe we need far more governance and regulation!

I am asked ‘how did I get into conversions?’ all the time. The answer is I didn’t but I will in a considered safe environment.

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For press and media enquiries
Contact Andrea Seed, Poppyseed Media
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