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Best electric converters to turn your favourite classic motor into a clean zero-emissions modern car

The RBW electric roadster continues to gain momentum in the marketplace – for both classic cars and modern electric vehicles. Today, RBW was included in Electric Drives’ list of the best electric converters. It is an honour to be included in any article but there are different types of conversion companies and it is important to know which you are buying from.

RBW CEO Peter Swain said: “Happy to be included in articles thank you and yes, Q3, our Reg 100 system and patented drive train will be used to underpin specialist conversions. Always like to point out we sell new cars, registered to the latest standards giving clients a new green (safe) registered electric vehicle.

“Taking the technology RBW has developed to the conversion market in a safe environment is key to RBW, no “second-hand batteries, parts” here, all cars should have a high level of integrity and test before release, new, or conversion. As an emerging niche industry, I really do believe legislation is required to ensure clients, the public, emergency services, technicians are all safe and protected, insurers are supportive and we build a positive industry based on a solid platform.”

Which is why RBW is campaigning for legislation to ensure the safety and security of the EV conversion market.

Electric Drives said: “While the auto world is changing rapidly, many don’t want to see their favourite old cars fade away. Rather than restore to them their former combustion-engine glory, many see their favourite classics as cars of the future with useable zero-emissions electric powertrains. There are now a handful of companies around the world that are lovingly restoring and recreating these modern classics. Here’s ElectricDrives guide to the best in business:”



Peter Swain, founder and CEO of RBW, is a motor enthusiast who saw that many classic cars faced an uncertain future in the modern world. He saw the potential for an electric car that had all the benefits of a modern vehicle but with the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful classic car. RBW was born and it now works with Zytek Automotive, owned by Continental AG, which operate alongside Continental Engineering Services (CES). With CES design building and manufacturing components, electric motors and safety systems for many of the top car manufacturers on the planet, it was the perfect partnership. RBW are currently building 30 MGBs all fitted with zero-emission electric motors.

Full Article: https://www.electricdrives.tv/post/best-electric-converters-to-turn-your-favourite-classic-motor-into-a-clean-zero-emissions-modern-car

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