Work on New Classic Electric Car to Start in New Year

Work on New Classic Electric Car to Start in New Year | RBW Electric Cars

A Staffordshire company is to start production of its new electric car in early 2021.


RBW Electric Classic Cars’ £90,000 custom-built vehicle has been three years in development.

The roadster is inspired by the MGB Roadster of the 1960s.

RBW has worked with Continental Engineering Services (CES) and Zytek Automotive, both part of Continental AG, which provides the world championship winning-technology applied to Formula E racing cars.

The company also worked with law firm FBC Manby Bowdler which drew up specialist sales contracts ahead of the car going into production.

The law firm’s Emma Truslove said: “Each of these cars are custom-built by the company at Shenstone, so it is absolutely essential that the sales contracts reflect the individuality of the vehicles.

“We have worked with the company to produce a bespoke set of terms and conditions for the sale of each car which takes into account the innovative engineering behind them, the classic car heritage and the individuality of each vehicle.

“It is always rewarding to work with such forward-thinking companies, particularly when they realise the importance of getting specialist legal advice tailored to their needs.

“The new roadster is a wonderful-looking, innovative car and I am certain it will prove to be a huge success.”



The dashboard of the RBW Electric Classic Roadster

Managing Director Peter Swain said: “Our patented system places the electric motor at the rear of the car and Hyperdrive Innovation’s lithium-ion battery technology under the bonnet, which gives perfectly balanced weight distribution. Not only does this give the driver much better handling of the car, retaining that sports car feel, but it also affords maximum battery volume to be housed.

“The RBW system has been tested and has achieved European Regulation No 100 of the Economic Commission, which confirms RBW as a recognised automotive worldwide manufacturer.”

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