RBW EV Roadster is an electric take on the classic MGB

Electric MGB: RBW EV Roadster is the latest electric classic car?

A classic vehicle restoration firm has released an electric interpretation of the classic MG B Roadster.


Called the EV Roadster, it combines a classic exterior shell with the cutting-edge underpinnings of a brand-new EV.


Midlands-based RBW EV Classic Cars has worked with Continental Engineering Services and Zytek Automotive – which are both part of Continental AG – to create the limited-edition car, of which just 30 initial examples are set to be made.

Completely handcrafted, the car features bespoke-built front and rear suspension with all-round coilovers, while the brake discs and calipers – which incorporate regenerative braking – are OEM developed too.


The dashboard of the RBW Electric Classic Roadster

Managing Director Peter Swain said: “Our patented system places the electric motor at the rear of the car and Hyperdrive Innovation’s lithium-ion battery technology under the bonnet, which gives perfectly balanced weight distribution. Not only does this give the driver much better handling of the car, retaining that sports car feel, but it also affords maximum battery volume to be housed.

“The RBW system has been tested and has achieved European Regulation No 100 of the Economic Commission, which confirms RBW as a recognised automotive worldwide manufacturer.”

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