Happy World Earth Day from RBW


Happy “World Earth Day” from RBW

A good day to explain the RBW Classic Electric Car System.

Not just an MG, RBW has developed an ‘EV Classic Vehicle System’. The system is ‘powered by Continental’. RBW has worked very closely with Continental Engineering Services (CES) for nearly three years to create a fully approved vehicle system through VCA testing, gaining REG100, whilst also completing many 1000s of ‘real world’ test miles.

What is the system?

The patented rear mounted RBW frame houses a Continental Electric Machine Reducer Drive. The frame is designed to dissipate instant torque and thus stress affording protection to original classic structures/designs, whilst also accommodating latest suspension and breaking, all Adams tested, the frame/arms to 10G.

A ‘safety first’ approach with electric direct drive at the rear, complemented by bespoke battery boxes housing Hyperdrive batteries under the bonnet, giving 50:50 weight distribution for a very compelling electric rear wheel sports drive!

RBW is more than one car! The RBW system and testing is class leading with the support of CES and Hyperdrive Batteries.  From software to harnesses, systems to displays, RBW has been quietly going about business proving safety cases, establishing approval protocols, test cases and road testing – set to launch proper in May 2020 now delayed, RBW has a proven system.

We believe the electrification of classic cars has a positive future – we also believe a compelling safety case should be mandatory in this fledgling and ‘niche’ electric car industry. As a result of diligence, working with CES and OEM manufactures, RBW has established a safe footing to become a world leader in this field.

Whilst RBW build and sell REG100 approved new electric vehicles; Adding to our business (when some form of normality returns?) The ‘RBW B2B Service’ launches for a limited number of global partner opportunities; if you are a Classic – Jaguar, Healey, Aston business and wish to add electrification to your portfolio then RBW’s proven system, supply chain and partner support will allow you to move confidently and timely into this space – feel free to message peter@rbwsportsandclassics.com for more details.

All very insignificant compared to the amazing work and bravery of NHS and all support services – thank you!

Happy earth day everyone – regards Peter

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