The rear-mounted powerplant is a 70 kW electric transaxle manufactured by Continental, with all integration activities completed by Continental Engineering Services (CES), one of the largest engineering service providers to the automotive industry, with engineering centres in Europe, the US and Far East. The RBW prototypes are being assembled by CES at its UK headquarters near Lichfield. The front-mounted batteries are supplied by Hyperdrive, and are the same type as those employed for the latest version of the Nissan Leaf. The bodyshells around which these recreations are being constructed are those manufactured by British Motor Heritage, and therefore to the original MG specification courtesy of the original tooling. Chassis specialists Development Engineering & Enterprise have been responsible for creating the bespoke rear subframe that houses the motor and related wishbone and coil spring independent rear suspension; also the equally contemporary front suspension and braking system, which will permit such niceties as ABS to be included in future models. The net result is a re-styled car with the aesthetic appeal of the classic MGB, combined with the engineering of a modern, environmentally-friendly sports car, in which over £1million has been invested in research and development. Orders are now being taken for the Roadster in both

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